Video Game

The video game industry has developed significantly in the recent period, as it is of interest to a large segment of users worldwide, so we had to provide a specialized team in this field, including distinguished designers on 3D programs to produce the videogame in a distinctive way, in addition to programmers at a distinguished level to implement them on specialized programs In the production of games, which allow them to work on all devices and operating systems, and the possibility of individual or group playing, and publishing them on social media, the implementation takes place in three stages:


The first stage “Preparation stage”:

  • Studying the idea of ​​videogame and its impact on children and adults
  • Study the pros and cons
  • Previous work for the same idea of ​​the videogame, if any, and the extent of its success and avoiding its mistakes
  • System analysis and role distribution
  • script writing
  • Drawing a sketch for the videogame
  • Draw the shape of the characters

The second stage “Design stage”

  • designing characters, models and facilities
  • Materials
  • Doing “Rigging” for the characters
  • Animation and the implementation of a special movement for the characters that fit the scenario of the video gym such as walking, jumping, running, jumping … etc.
  • Exporting characters with the movements accompanying them
  • Exporting facilities and buildings

The third stage “Programming stage”

  • Importing characters, facilities and buildings into programs specialized in the production of video games
  • Videogame programming as well as scenario and system analysis
  • Possibility of publishing on systems, mobiles and PlayStation devices
  • Experience the performance and speed of response to commands