panoramic photography 360 degrees

Our company is distinguished by having a distinguished team in the field of photography and panoramic with high accuracy, which allows it to photograph inside large small spaces such as theaters, galleries, museums and parks, and to produce a 360-degree panoramic image, as well as to produce an interactive file with the content of these places so that the visitor can navigate inside them and the optimal employment of using this technology is done. Implement this through the following stages:


Planning and preparation stage:

  • Studying the idea of ​​videogym and its impact on children and adults
  • Studying the dimensions of the place to be photographed is a good study.
  • Determine the right type of cameras and type of fisheye lenses
  • Determine the shooting locations carefully and take into account that the difference between the camera fulcrum and the other is 5 meters

photography stage

  • Taking pictures at the focal points agreed upon in advance, provided that the difference between the picture and the picture that follows it is 15 degrees
  • Take into account the shooting resolution and adjust the shooting settings to HDRA
  • Take into account the good lighting distribution of the place

Panorama output stage

  • Photo editing and color processing
  • Using HTML5, JavaScript in the final output of the panorama for publishing on websites and allowing it to run on all operating systems