Animation (2D & 3D)

Cartoons and animations are among the means of attraction for adults and children, as many people use them today to instill values, modify behavior, or as a propaganda tool that reaches many viewers, so we had to provide a team specialized in the production of cartoons and series, and the production process takes place in several stages as follows:

Preparation stage:

  • script writing
  • Choosing the characters, actors and staff
  • Storyboard drawing
  • Draw characters or objects of action heroes
  • drawing places

design stage:

  • Three-dimensional design (modeling) including “characters – models, buildings and facilities
  • Making (Rigging) for the characters, which is the system of controlling the movement of the characters after designing them with testing their movement
  • Animations
  • Lighting
  • Materials
  • Rendering

output stage:

  • Editing and color processing
  • The final output of the work


  • 3D cartoon video
  • Promotional video
  • 3D video about the successful sayings of the Thursday meeting